newbie, shorewall question

newbie, shorewall question

Post by ifarka » Sat, 31 May 2008 01:50:52


I have two computers: (IP address: and
( Both A and B are connected to the Internet, but B accepts
incoming packages only from A. (Its shorewall drops packages from
sources other than A).

Whenever a request arrives at port 8123 of A, I would like A to send
it to port 80 of B, then B should reply to the request as it would to
any other request to its port 80, send the reply back to A and then A
should send the reply back to the source.

After inserting this line into the file /etc/shorewall/rules of A

  DNAT    net     loc:   tcp     8123    -

and pointing my browser at ,
* I get a "(111) Connection refused" error from server A and
* I can see no new line in the apache2 log file of server B (i.e., B
did not receive the request).

Could you please suggest how I should proceed? Thanks a lot in

best wishes,


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