samba <-> inet <-> samba via cable modem

samba <-> inet <-> samba via cable modem

Post by Ashley Cambrel » Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

Was just wondering what the best way (secure) of having two win9x networks
linked via a cable modem through the internet.

The cable modems will be on the samba network servers (one on each end
running WINS)

VPN? IP tunnelling (Vtun)? or other?

Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone

Ashley Cambrell


1. Samba problem: WinXP <-> ADSL <-> Internet <-> Cable <-> Linux

Hi.  I've spent the past day trying to get a group
of computers accessing each others' shares with
little success.

I have two networks:

a) Windows XP and 98 machines behind a USB
    ADSL net connection.  The XP machine acts as
    the ICS host.

b) Linux (with Samba installed) and Windows XP
    machines behind a cable modem.

I want the machines on network 'a' to be able to
access the shares on the machines on network 'b',
as well as each machine appear in the XP/98
Network Places.

Each network is assigned a dynamic IP, but they're
mapped to static addresses thanks to, and
they're also (obviously) on different subnets.  I think I
understand that if I configure Linux as a WINS server
then NetBIOS over TCP/IP should allow those
machines on network 'a' to see those machines on
network 'b' through Network Places.

So far, I've had no success.  I can, however, see the
Linux shares from network 'a' via

  Net View <IP address of Linux box>

but a call to smbclient -L <some machine on net 'a'>
fails with "Connection to <machine> failed".

Could anyone *please* help me resolve this problem?
I would greatly appreciate any feedback that *anyone*
could give.

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