Help with non-anonymous users via NIS passwds

Help with non-anonymous users via NIS passwds

Post by B'iche » Wed, 16 Aug 2000 04:00:00

        As I mentioned before I got all of the bugs out of NIS and now
am setting up some servers for different things. one program I am
having problems with wu-ftp. it works if the user has a REAL
/etc/passwd entry on the system.
        What I was wondering if this would work, if during a cron job
the following was done
ypcat passwd >/etc/passwd
ypcat groups >/etc/groups
        Only thing I am worried about is HOW often should this monster
run? once a day? every hour? I am talking about a system where
passwords and group info is Rarely changed. But how do I deal with it
on a Non Linux aware program such as wu-ftpd?
        Is there a intelligent way to ONLY replace the /etc/passwd
file IF the server makes a change?
        While we are on this. How can I add additional info to be
passed to a NIS client? I would like to add /etc/shells to my nis
client info. If I modified the /var/yp/Makefile with the additional
data would it cause problems? if one did this on a client /etc/shells
file would a + in the first column work? heres an example
#first the regulars
# now for the NIS provided info

        Or should I use ypcat shells.byname >/etc/shells in addition
to my passwd script above?




1. Help needed to limit non-anonymous user to a single directory

Greetings to all,

This is my environment: -

1) I use the users' .profile to: -
    a) prevent them from reaching the shell level
    b) execute an application program automatically
    c) limit each user to only 1 login session
    d) logout from the system when through with the application

2) A selected number of these users are allowed to download reports from a
particular common directory.  As they have no access to the shell level,
they use the Msdos ftp program to download these reports to their PCs.

I understand that ftp can be configured to limit the anonymous userid to its
home directory.
How can I do the same to a non-anonymous userid (people in item 2 above)?  I
do not want them roaming all over the AIX system.
Any tip and help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


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