GNapster IPChains Rule

GNapster IPChains Rule

Post by glen vajcne » Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:00:00


In my firewall (i dl'd a template and modified it slightly), I have a
line that goes

IPCHAINS -A input -l -s -d $LOCALNET -j DENY

to block the numerous port scans and whatnot from cable-world (i'm on
cable as well). Unfortunately, when I use gnapster I am unable to
establish connections with users on cable as well because of this rule.
Any ideas on rules I can place in to let gnapster pierce through this




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Is there any convenient script available to convert ipchains rules
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I am migrating my lab server (that runs linux 2.2.19/ipchains) to a
new server that runs linux 2.4.7.  The old server has a list of
ipchains rules that have worked quite well, and I would like the
new server to have these rules as well.  I realize I can use the
2.4.7 ipchains module and the old rules, but I would rather convert
to iptables, even if the conversion will be initially painful.


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