help on Routing and samba

help on Routing and samba

Post by Marco Moo » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Need despertly help.

Following troubles.

  I try to connect from a win98 & NT, and it just dosent work, I dont see
the samba server in my network neigthbour hood. If I go search for computer
over <start> then it shows up. So I click on it and it keep asking me about
a password.

tried so far:
Account exist on linux.
smbpasswd exist too, i created with smbpasswd -a MARCO WERT also tried -a
marco wert and a mixup of them.
My entries in smb.conf.
encrypt password=true
password level=8
username level=8
write ok=yes
default case=lower
service type=fileservice
admin users=Marco, MARCO, marco
valid users=Marco, MARCO, marco
hosts allow=
mangle case=no
case senitive=no
force user=root  (and tried too) force user=MARCO (and so one)

I cant get ried of this password nox:( Any help are welcome.

fact: i have 2 win98 workstation and 1 winNT 4.0 Server. 1 zyxel router
prestige where was befor connect in my lan, and everthing worked fine.
Now I tried to set up an linux box with suse 6.0.
Linux box haves 2 network cards, the local on is connect over AUI to the
rest of my lan, and the router is connect over a RJ45 to the secound card,
in the linux box.
Local lan address are : to 4
Linux Box haves xxx.120.002  / subnet

The secound card where is connect to the router haves the adress
I enabled Ip forwarding in Kernel, without any firewall stuff.

hosts entry.  bla.bla.bla.
and so one
without the router (??)

route.conf entries:       eth0  eth1

results of route -n
dest.                     gate.               gen.               flags
met.   ref    face      UH   0    0    0
dumy0     same         U     0    0     1
eth1          same              U    0    0
0  eth0               same                      U     0
0      1  lo                              UG  0
0      0  eth0

As soon i try to connect with internet Explo. on the Win98 station the
router calls out, but nothing happens, after a few minutes i get the message
URL can't be found.
Same if i try on Linux itself with netscape, it just hangs
Zyxel Router is online.
if I ping it dosent seem to work, any other local ping works
just fine.
cards are OK. i switched them around.

Any hint on this what i make wrong here???