Cheap NE2000 and Red Hat 4.0: My Top Ten mistakes

Cheap NE2000 and Red Hat 4.0: My Top Ten mistakes

Post by Brad Nelso » Mon, 03 Feb 1997 04:00:00

On installing NE2000 support for RH4.0 (kernel 2.0.18) on a 386DX/40 ISA
machine, my Top Ten Mistakes:

1) Not linking NE2000 support into the kernel (I did modules instead)
2) Not choosing "Other ISA cards" while running "make config"
(this        means the ne.o module is not built)
3) Not knowing how to make a single module (ne.o) without remaking

do       this!)
4) Not putting the installation of the modules in the "right"
place       during the boot sequence (my current solution is      
/etc/rc.d/rc.modules; I don't know if this is "politically correct")
5) thru 10) See 1) above. Seriously, I think it would have all worked  
had I done it this way.

Hopefully this message will reach others in the same boat. Good luck!

Bradley Nelson                          Dallas, TX


1. adding 2d NE2000 card under Red Hat 4.0

Hello Again, I've a couple more questions:  How would I get the Red Hat
kernel to recognize a 2d NE 2000 ethernet card?  The first one is at I/O
addr. 0x300, irq 5, and the 2d is at i/o addr 0x320, irq 2.  I've tried

        append = "ether=2,0x320,eth1"

and (in a separate attempt)

        append = "ether=0,0,eth1"

to the linux stanza of /etc/lilo.conf, and rerunning /sbin/lilo, and I'm
yet unable to see this device.  I'm about to try adding

        alias eth1 ne1


        options ne1 0x320

to /etc/conf.modules.  Am I on the right track here?  Why wouldn't editing
lilo.conf & rerunning /sbin/lilo work?  

Any suggestions are most appreciated..thanks!


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