This is how I got my DIP working

This is how I got my DIP working

Post by Zach Tayl » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

# setup modem cua0 is com 1 under dos, cua1 is com 2, etc..
        port cua0
        speed 57600
        init ATe0q0v1x1
        print Dialing internet provider.
        dial t123-4567
        wait login: 40
        #Put a C in front of your login name for CSLIP or an S for SLIP
        send Cyour login name\n
        wait password: 10
        send your password\n
        print Getting setting IP addresses
        get $rmtip remote
        get $locip remote
        get $mtu 1500
        print local IP address is $locip
        print remote IP address is $rmtip
        mode CSLIP

This works for me. Let me know if it as any help.


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