networking help

networking help

Post by Jon Youn » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

hello.. i gathered up some old parts and put together a 486/33MHz/32Mb
RAM, and am tryin to set it up as a samba server for 2 windows box's.. i
have debian 2.0 installed on it but the network is havin problems.. it
gives these errors at random:

eth0: CU wedged, status 0240 0000, resetting...
eth0: i82586 reset timed out, kicking...
eth0: i82586 reset timed out, kicking...
eth0: i82586 reset timed out, kicking...
eth0: i82586 reset timed out, kicking...
eth0: i82586 not responding, giving up...

and that repeats itself over and over, yet sometimes when i boot up i
dont see them at all and the network works fine!? i have tried installin
red hat 5.1 and it has the same problem.. i've tried different i/o's and
irq's with no luck..even tried one of the cards that works fine in the
other puters.. all 3 cards are Intel EtherExpress 16's and use BNC
cable.. i have run linux on this box and the network worked fine ... so
obviously it has somethin to do with the 486. if anybody knows what the
problem is or knows anything for me to try, then please let me know!!!



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I have a small network (2 PC's) one PC is  a Linux box running RH6 and
the other box is Window98.  Now the Linux box has IP Masquerading setup
and I use it to connect to the internet.  I can now use the Win98 box
(via the Linux box's internet connection) to browse the internet.

Here's the problem:
I cannot use the Linux box to browse the internet (even though the Win98
box can via the internet connection on the Linux box).  What could be
causing this problem?

I can't ping anywhere.  I thought it could be my resolv.conf but I think
I've set it up correctly.  What could prevent me from ping'ing at the
very least.

Could someone please help me with this matter.


Mr. Ozette J. Brown   <President>

A Website Development and Consulting Company.


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