trace route can trace the route but socket cant connect

trace route can trace the route but socket cant connect

Post by vinod tipparaj » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00

I had a problem with a small socket program I wrote.
I have two linux machines(rh on i386), they have two network cards each, I
ifup 'ed the second card I have in both of them(those cards have a
different IP) then I added a static route(both machines are connected to
the same switch, and I used the route add -host command) from one to
another and traced the route and tried pinging between the two machines,
here is what happened,
1. trace route from from machine1-newcard to machine2-newcard showed
   almost 300 times more delay than vice-versa.
2. ping from machine1-newcard - machine2-newcard is not happening once
   again, vice-versa is fine.

If write a small socket program between machine1-newcard and
machine2-newcard I get a socket connect error: route not found!

can anyone explain the reason for this weird behaviour?



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Does anyone know of a version of  traceroute or similar application that

displays the autonomus system (AS) numbers for each hop?

The implementation of traceroute on cisco routers shows AS numbers for
each hop, but I need something that runs on a Sun, Linux, Win95 or WinNT


Thanks for any help!!

Paul Boustead

Switched Networks Research Center
University of Wollongong

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