Setup Dialup Multilink PPP in Ubuntu Linux

Setup Dialup Multilink PPP in Ubuntu Linux

Post by whosbest5 » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 05:42:10

Posted for archival purposes for those who need it.

I have access to a dialup ISP that supports multilink PPP with 2 analog
modems and 2 phone lines.  None of the GUI dialers for Ubuntu I could
find support multilink analog modem PPP connections.

After extensive searching, I found a forum post:
MLPPP on Linux is trivial, for the most part:

1) Add "mp" to your PPPd config file
2) Duplicate it
3) Change the device in the second file to where your second modem is
plugged in
4) Run PPPd on both files instead of just the one

Only trick from there is that you may have to retry the second
connection until it hits the same gateway as the first.

Not much detail in the post, but it got me on my way.

Setup the dialup connection using pppconfig & pon/poff.  This is
described here:

This will create the pppd config file, located in /etc/ppp/peers.  
Youll need to open the file in the text editor with a sudo command in
terminal, as the files in that directory are protected.

Add "mp" to the first line of that file and save it.

Make a copy of the file and save it with another name in that directory.
 Open the second file and change the modem device to the second modem.  
So, if the first file has /dev/ttyS3 as the device, and the second modem
is on /dev/ttyS0, then change the line in the second file to /dev/ttyS0.

Then, you dial the connection in terminal by typing pon and then the
name of the first config file in terminal and then pon and the second.  
The filename is case sensitive.  For the above example, if the file
names are ISP1 and ISP2, the commands would be:

pon ISP1
pon ISP2

I found I can disconnect normally by ending just one of them, e.g.:

poff ISP1

I dont see a reason this wouldnt work in other versions of Linux that
support pppconfig & pon/off.

The flamewars are over...if you want it.

Unofficial Usenet Group Brief User Guide:

Unofficial Usenet Group Brief User Guide:


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