Sendmail accessing /etc/userdb

Sendmail accessing /etc/userdb

Post by Jerry Lyn » Tue, 06 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I was hoping for some advice on debugging or getting the following to work:

I use slip to get internet access.  I currently have sendmail working
fine (to the best of my knowledge) and have send mail successfully.

What I would like to do now is to have sendmail change my FROM address on
my outgoing mail, so that if people want to reply to my mail, my from
address will be for an account that is always alive on the internet and
not my linux box.  I am aware of the "REPLY-TO" field, but would prefer
not to resort to that.

In the docs for sendmail, it tells you how to set up a user database
(section 5.3).  I have been talking to someone else who has successfully
done this.  He has given me his "" file.  Yet I can't get it
to work for me.

Is anyone else successfully doing this?  If so, are their any tricks that
I should know about?  Or can anyone tell me how I can debug this
problem?  Currently, I can't figure out how to confirm if sendmail is
even accessing my database file, let alone parsing it wrong due to some
silly typo.

Any help or points would be appreciated.



1. sendmail userdb don't work like described!!!


      I try to use  the user-database feature   of sendmail (V8) to map  my

   FAQ section

        There are a couple of ways of doing this.  This describes using
        the "user database" code.  This is still experimental, and was
        intended for a different purpose -- however, it does work
        with a bit of care.  It does require that you have the Berkeley
        "db" package installed (it won't work with DBM).

        First, create your input file.  This should have lines like:

                loginname:mailname      First_Last
                First_Last:maildrop     loginname

        Install it in (say) /etc/userdb.  Create the database:

                makemap btree /etc/userdb.db < /etc/userdb

        You can then create a config file that uses this.  You will
        have to include the following in your .mc file:

                define(confUSERDB_SPEC, /etc/userdb.db)

      but it   didn't work. What *.mc  file  is used by  the FreeBSD-2.0.5R
   sendmail?  It's not i think.

       I also  try  to solve  the  problem  using the  installed  sendmail:
   'sendmail -bd -q30m -oU /etc/userdb.db' but without  success and I think
   it's not possible with only the alias mechanism. But again in detail:

   In the moment I have an alias of the following form

        lars.koeller: uphya001

      so mail send to lars.koeller arrive  uphya001 which is my login name.

   so that a reply goes to  lars.koeller and not to  uphya001? I think this
   is exactly the problem the user-database should solve!

   Who can help or has solved this problem?

   Thanks in advance


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