Stevens' Network Programming

Stevens' Network Programming

Post by Kostas Katrini » Mon, 29 Jan 2001 00:33:18

    I have just downloaded the source code of Stevens' "Unix network
Programming ,Volume 1".I tried to build it under Linux (Suse 7.1,latest
kernel), but  got a lot of mistakes(mostly redefinitions).Any advices ?Has
somebody already installed the code?



1. An error in Stevens' Network Programming?

Hello there!

I am currently writing a couple of servers that are started by inetd. I am
using a SunSparc II (SunOS 4.1.2).

Having read UNIX Network Programming, by W. Richard Stevens, it says (pp
336-337) that for a stream socket, inetd does a select() and then an

Believing this to be true, I wrote my server. And then spent hours wondering
why it didn't work.

Eventually, I tracked it down to the descriptors I inherited. It turns out I
have to accept() on the socket I get passed.

Is this an error in the book (and another piece of documentation I have, A
Network Primer,  but this does seem to be based heavily on Steven's book),
or just a peculiarity of Sun's implementation?


Martin N. Steed

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