IP/hostname conversion problem: HELP

IP/hostname conversion problem: HELP

Post by Yan Xi » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Problem: IP/hostname conversion stops working.
        when telnet to other machines, my machine
        will be displayed in numeric IP, not as
        my machine's name.  Example:
        local> rlogin remote -l john
        remote> who
        john    pts/8   Nov 15 12:17    (

        It ought to display "..... (local)"

The same underline problem probably also explains that
.rhost on remote machines now has to contain numeric
address to work.  Furthermore, my machine cannot connect
to the new server anymore (permission denied).

Any one got an idea of why?


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I have a problem and I hope that someone out there has an answer for me.

I am running an application on SCO (Switchview).  This application can
only communicate to remote systems via serial, either modem or tty.  

I am setting up a frame relay network that is going to remove all dial up
access into the remote systems and replace them with ethernet.  I need to
figure out a way to convert/translate IP addresses to TTY's.  There is a
software product from Digi called Real Port that converts IP addresses
and allows serial applications to access IP's as ptty's, but it only works
with Digi terminal servers.  My problem is that my network people will not
support Digi terminal servers, they only support Cisco.

Does anyone know of another software out there that can accomplish the
same thing, AND work with Cisco products?

Please reply via email if you can help.  

Thanks much,

Allan Bourque
Motorola, Inc.

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