Linux PPP/IP/IPX problems

Linux PPP/IP/IPX problems

Post by Root of all Ev » Thu, 14 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi there

Here is my problem
I have a linux 2.0.21 box running with TCP/IP and IPX in the LAN.
ncpfs smbfs samba and other TCP/IP products work fine!
Now I want to give my users the possibility to connect with a
modem! With a W95 station a PPP connection and IPX/PPP on the
external interface. Configure pppd and go you can work as
if you would be on the lan (slower but ok).
My ppp options file looks like this:

debug 3
bsdcomp 9,15
ipx-network 3a
ipx-node 8000008888:40951244a5
ipx-router-name netware1
ipx-routing 2
ipxcp-max-failure 10
ipxcp-max-terminate 10

And for IP it looks good I can ping everybody, but I cannot see
any W311/W95 machine with W95 net view of net use command on the subnet
where this machine with its IP address would normally reside!
On the other subnet I can see every share.
But on the same subnet I can see the linux boxes with the samba shares!
And I cannot do anything with IPX but I honestly don't know where to
get descend information.
I read the appropriate /usr/src/linux/Documentation files the
/usr/doc tree and searched and read some info files in /usr/info.
But I cannot seem to find the problems.
The proxyarp should handle my PPP machine as if it would be on the lan
and it looks certainly that way, but Windoze doesnot seem to like it!
On the IPX question I found not so much info, do I need mars nwe
or lwared to do this, can it be done?

Any info/pointers
are welcome


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Has anyone tried/been able to get working using Win95 to dialup a PPP
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Novell has IPTUNNEL which can be loaded on their server that allows for
encapsulation/decapsulation of IPX packets for transfering over an IP network.
However, can Win95 do the same thing?

The goal is to connect a remote Win95 system via dialup to a Novell network.
The modems reside on a Linux box also on the network running TCP/IP.  Dialup
SLIP/PPP work fine to the TCP/IP nodes on the network, but I want file sharing
with the Novell system.


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