New Book: Big Book of Border Gateway Protocol RFCs

New Book: Big Book of Border Gateway Protocol RFCs

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Big Book of Border Gateway Protocol RFCs
by Pete Loshin

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, June 2000

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is literally the backbone upon which
the Internet is built.  All data transmitted across the Internet are
routed from one network to another with BGP, and it is the key to future
growth in the Internet.

No single document defines BGP, but rather an entire sequence of
documents published online as Requests for Comments (RFCs).  This book
collects and organizes these essential documents in a single printed
volume, adding an introduction and extensive index.  This means you no
longer have to search through various RFCs in hopes of finding the
answer to your BGP question - all the current and relevant RFCs are
compiled here, with an extensive index that makes it simple to locate
precisely the answer you need.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
San Francisco, California

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1. New Book: Big Book of World Wide Web RFCs

by Pete Loshin
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, February 2000, ISBN 0-12455-841-0

The emergence of the Web has done more to change Internetworking than
any of the hundreds of applications that once defined the Internet. This
volume includes all of the RFCs on the protocols determining how Web
pages work, how Web servers interact with Web browsers, and how Web
resources are identified and located by browsers and servers. This means
complete documentation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the specifications for the
Universal Resource Identifier (URI), Universal Resource Locator (URL),
and Universal Resource Name (URN) mechanisms. This is essential,
low-level information for anyone building and maintaining Web sites or
designing and developing Web applications.

RFC 1630 Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW - RFC 1736 Functional
Recommendations for Internet Resource Locators - RFC 1738 Uniform
Resource Locators (URL) - RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators -
RFC 2109 HTTP State Management Mechanism - RFC 2141 URN Syntax - RFC
2145 Use and Interpretation of HTTP Version Numbers - RFC 2227 Simple
Hit-Metering and Usage-Limiting for HTTP - RFC 2276 Architectural
Principles of Uniform Resource Name Resolution - RFC 2396 Uniform
Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax - RFC 2483 URI Resolution
Services Necessary for URN Resolution - RFC 2518 HTTP Extensions for
Distributed Authoring-- WEBDAV - RFC 2594 Definitions of Managed Objects
for WWW Services - RFC 2609 Services Templates and Service: Schemes -
RFC 2611 URN Namespace Definition Mechanisms - RFC 2616 Hypertext
Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 - RFC 2617 HTTP Authentication: Basic and
Digest Access Authentication - RFC 2717 Registration Procedures for URL
Scheme Names - RFC 2718 Guidelines for New URL Schemes


Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
San Francisco, California

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