Virtual domain software available for testing

Virtual domain software available for testing

Post by Dr Bill C Rieme » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00

The following is the contents of:

Really it is usefull stuff, but I'm hoping to scare away newbies for this
first release.

I want to publically release a number of programs I've created for managing virtual domains.
Things handled:

    1. Automatic adding, deleting, and modifying domains with command line tools including:

          a. sendmail configuration
          b. Apache HTTPD server configuration
          c. DNS primary and secondary server updates

    2. Virtual domain e-mail. e.g. Each domain is granted it's own aliases file, that is interpreted only for
       that domain. This is accomplished via a filter.

What testing has already been done?

    1. This software has been running on the network for about 6 months, processing all
       the virtual domain changes. My own domain, is among them.

    2. Numerous tests on my home computer.

What is still needed?

    1. The documentation is VERY poor. This needs lots of work.

    2. The software needs to be generalized. For example, reverse name lookup files don't work when copied
       off a Linux box to a SunOS-4.1.4 box.

    3. There are lots of perl scripts for things I didn't want to HARD code into the C programs. These
       should be converted to C and the hard coding should be avoided by adding a configuration file.

    4. Installing is not automatic. You have to manually create various template files.

Anyway, if it sounds useful despite the limitations in documentations and automated installation,
down load a copy from:

I look forward to your feedback.


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