neighbour table overflow error

neighbour table overflow error

Post by HILGES Dir » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 05:51:43

Hi all

i get every 1-2 mins the following error message:

Apr 23 22:42:55 linux kernel: neighbour table overflow

Kernel 2.2.18 + 2.2.19
Suse 7.1

Any idea how to fix the problem.What does it mean !?
THX !!!


1. HELP...Neighbour Table Overflow ERROR

I'm getting the following messages in my message log:

  parport 0:  detected irq7; use procfs to enable interupt-driven
  neighbour table overflow

If this info would help, we have a small LAN for our office, running RH
6.0 with Win 95/98 clients with Internet access via PPP.  Using samba
for file server purposes & using IP Masquerading with 2 ipchains
commands, whether those commands are relevant to my problem or not I
don't know, but here they are:
 ipchains -P forward DENY
 ipchains -A forward -i ppp0 -j MASQ

Everything appears to work fine, except that we get quite a few of the
above messages throughout the day...PLEASE HELP!!

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