Help: please give me some hints...

Help: please give me some hints...

Post by Gene Hesket » Mon, 13 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Unrot13 this;

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Jimmy Lio;

 JL> Pretty soon,  the school where I work will be given a free 64K
 JL> leased line for Internet connection... It is said that a router
 JL> is extremely important to connecting the Intenet thru. the leased
 JL> line... In addition, a DNS should also be maintained in the
 JL> network of the school...

 JL> I have no experience on setting up a router and maintaining a
 JL> DNS... Can any experts out there lend me a hand please?  In the
 JL> scenario of my school network, is it really crucial to maintain a
 JL> DNS?  If it is, what is the scope that my DNS should cover?  The
 JL> local ISP also runs its own DNS, should I use the ISP's DNS
 JL> instead?  What would be the advantages and disadvantages of them
 JL> both?

If that leased line is from your ISP, and not tied directly to the
backbone, then you should be able to use their DNS.  All that will
require is an entry for the address of that machine.

OTOH, if the machine you run the DNS on is the only one that knows about
the rest of the world, and its secured, then the temptation to do some
'editing' of the list to remove the pruient sites becomes rather
attractive.  This is, I expect, a 24 hour a day job though unless you
can find some filtering software that will do it for you *most* of the

Note that this will not prevent some determined individual from bringing
the numerical address in and useing it to bypass your efforts.  Blocking
that is another area, requiring a numerical blacklist and its

#include <std.disclamer> cause I haven't the foggiest how to do all that!

Cheers, Gene
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1. PPP problems, please give me a hint

Can anyone help me with this,

I'm using Redhat 6.1, kernel 2.2.12-20 as a server for a small LAN
I have succeeded in establishing a ppp-connection to my ISP a couple of
times. But most of the times I won't succeed.

The funny thing is that it always work when I use a new tty (i.e. with
ctrl-alt-F1 to F6) for the first time. According to the system log
everything is fine.

In my conf.modules host, I have two lines (according to the
README.linux, for the current PPP-release, whatever its number is, I
just downloaded the newest version a few days ago and used the Redhat
Package Manager to install it):

alias zzz-char-108 ppp_something
alias blablabla ppp_generic

(where zzz is something. Can't really remember the details, because I'm
at work now and the machine is at home, but it's checked for spelling
and everything).

Then I disconnect and try to connect again. Looking at the system log,
it says something like:

: modprobe: can't locate module zzz-char-108

Well that didn't occur the first time. Then the log says:

: Serial connection established

and nothing else happens. Eventually there is some time-out somewhere
and I get disconnected.

I use pppd with an options file and chat-script that has been provided
by my ISP, and I think that they are correct.

Am I doing something wrong here? One thing I wonder is if I do something
wrong when I disconnect, so that something does not get restored in a
correct manner. I have used a ppp-off script that (I think) is provided
with the PPP-package.

Please give me any hints.
Pal Dahle
Goteborg, Sweden
please remove the dontspam. from my e-mail address to reply.

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