yppasswd fails

yppasswd fails

Post by Andr » Sun, 10 Feb 2002 01:07:23


yppasswd (on nis server) fails with
"unknown error
yppasswd: unknown user <user> (userid=<id>)"

(<user> is the user I call yppasswd as - so obviously I am able to

before it worked for some time.
my setup:

two rh 7.2 machines, one as nis server (ypserv, yppasswdd, ypbind).
the other as client (ypbind).
shadow and MD5 enabled.

"ypcat passwd" shows all users just fine, logins are possible as
if I do a "make" in /var/yp everything is updated ok - including

but users should be able to change passwords themselves - yet yppasswd
fails with the above message

using yppasswd from the client machine seemingly works at first
(success message) but effectively the password is not changed.
there are no messages in any of the log files.

any ideas? any debugging options available?

-- andrej


1. NIS help: yppasswd fails.....

Using the Solaris 2.4 name services transition kit
when I have users trying to change their nis password
(using yppasswd0 you get something resembling the following:

server# yppasswd skelly
Old yp password:
New password:
Retype new password:
yppasswd: Could not create client
: RPC: Program not registered

any idea what's missing / badly setup?

also i know that Solaris 2.5.1 comes with NIS+, but does it also
come with a NIS (yp) server? (we dont need all the functionality of

If it does come with one...anyone know what I need to do to install it
from the CD?



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