Questions about network Structure Linux using Linux Router/Firewall

Questions about network Structure Linux using Linux Router/Firewall

Post by Hongki Le » Sun, 31 Oct 1999 04:00:00

have questions about the firewall/router setting.

1) Is it possible that the structure inside having real network
   static ip. Description below:

    (ISP: outer network)
      |(eg. IP
    [linux router/ firewall]
      |(eg. IP
      [My Specfic Network Server]  IP
      [My WWW Server] IP
      [My DNS Server] IP

  If I must only use local domain's IP addresses(eg. 192.168.x.x)
   with Ip masq. / NAT, I think that it is not my purpose of

  Or is it possible that another way.,

      [h/w router]
      [linux routers/firewalls] // each has network server groups.
      |                |
      [hub]         [hub]
      |                |
      [DNSsvr]    [TelnetSvr]
      [WWWSvr]  [MailSvr]

     It can be used for the same way?

2) Is it possible that make one server service with several ISP's
   T1 lines.  (for enlarging network bandwidth)
   Or, one ISP with T1 lines.

   Which is better?

   Where can I see the network structure for the serveral ISP's T1
   or more lines?

Hongki Lee.1107071-50071.

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1. using linux for firewall/router

Here is my situation and what I would like to accomplish:

I have a small network here (about four PC's, a Sun workstation, and a
TCP/IP print server). I have an old P-75 I would like to turn into a Linux
firewall/router. Currently I have ISDN service that will be hooked to the
Linux box via serial line (this will soon be upgraded to DSL, I'll get to
that later...). I want to hook my serial line from my ISDN adapter to my
Linux box. I will then hook a NIC in the Linux box to my hub, with Linux
acting as a router. I need Linux to pass http requests to an internal ip and
use an NT box on my internal network as a web server. I would also like to
explore the possibility of allowing outside VPN connections through this
Linux box. I want to keep this as secure as possible, but still allow my NT
webserver to work as if it has a direct internet connection. When my DSL is
installed (in about 2 months) I will disconnect the ISDN and hook the DSL
adapter to a second NIC in the Linux box, and still have it act a a
firewall/router with my LAN hooked up on the original NIC. I have looked at
some FAQ's and How-to's but am fairly clueless how to start, let alone how
to allow the room for growth I require (growth=faster line). I realize this
may be a long process and I am willing to pay any charges involved if
someone would volunteer to work over the phone with me. I need help from the
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