3Com 3C575-TX setup

3Com 3C575-TX setup

Post by Martin J. Evan » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> Yes, 3.0.3 didn't work for me either (with any kernel).  I had to go back
> to 2.0.33 and 3.0.1 which had worked perfectly for me before and it did
> again. At least on my machine...  Hope that helps some.

> Cheers,

> -Charlie

I've found Linux 2.0.35 and pcmcia 3.0.4 works fine for me. What is most
important for me is that David Hinds now has the specs for the Toshiba
ToPIC95 (although I believe in Japanese) and so ToPIC95 is now back in to


For Linux/Tecra information see http://www.mjedev.demon.co.uk/index.html
Date: 05-Aug-98, Time: 08:40:57