Dual NIC, One Cable one for NT Network...

Dual NIC, One Cable one for NT Network...

Post by SNaF » Fri, 17 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Seems that dual nic problems are popular...

Anyway, here's the setup:

I have one nic (NDC 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI MX987x5) that is to connect to

is no info on the National Datacom site.

The other card is a 3Com 3c905-tx 10/100 which needs to talk to a file
server of a different IP range.

The NDC card has to be set up to obtain an IP from the remote network and
use it's defualt gateway, DNS etc. based on my computer's name of
cr814315-a. IP mask is 24.114.165.x /

The other is not important but should talk to the other computer using a IP
mask of 192.168.10.x / and it's name is not important.

If, to make it more of a simple task, I was to disable the 3Com card would
this be more feasable?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated, the OS is RedHat 6.1.

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