automount reading sun's automount file or NIS map

automount reading sun's automount file or NIS map

Post by Jong-Min Pa » Tue, 30 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Is there any automount program for linux that can use automount file
or NIS map used in Sun's automount?

We have a linux PC that we'd like to take advantage of the department
NIS, but so far the only automount I could find was 'amd', which
didn't understand auto.home file used in suns.

Since I'm not a sysadmin for the NIS server, and we have mostly suns and
hps, it wouldn't be practical to ask the sysadmin to administer another
NIS map just for amd running in linux.

Any relevant suggestion is welcome.


1. AMD and Sun's automount maps

If there is (a way to use the *identical* map for AMD and AUTOMOUNT)
I havn't found it.

We use a perl script to automaticly convert the automount maps into
AMD maps, and use the makefile to automaticly push them out...

Works pretty well, too.  We have a huge direct-mount map:

bash$ ypcat amd.master | grep 'type:=direct' | wc
     139     278    3475

And we have a bunch of other maps too:

bash$ ypcat amd.master | grep -v 'type:=direct' | wc
      13      13     124

One of which automounts everyone's home directory:

bash$ ypcat | wc
     920    2923   60867

Robert Withrow -- (+1 508 436 8256)

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