IP Masquerading and Netmeeting

IP Masquerading and Netmeeting

Post by Chris Russel » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone been successfull in getting Microsoft Netmeeting to work over
IP Masq?  I've follow the instructions found at:


and everything works but receiving audio.  I can send audio, but not

I'm running Caldera OpenLinux 1.2.  The kernel version is 2.0.33.

In addition to the commands found at the web address above, I've also

ipautofw -A -r tcp 1024 65535 -h <mywinclient>
ipautofw -A -r udp 1024 65535 -h <mywinclient>

to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Slackware Linux 2.2.13

ppp modem connection on Linux Box,
4 networked Win98 PC's
IP Masquerading

I cannot get netmeeting to receive audio and video on the networked Win98

tried to compile a module for h323 support but could not get a handle on the
hundreds of error messages i got (think the module is for Redhat???)

my source was the Linux IP Masq link from this site:


i think i don't know enough about compiling modules! :(  been a long time
since i studied C and not used to Linux environment :(

does anyone know where I can get hold of a suitable compiled module? is that
possible? can I
then just put a reference for it to be loaded in rc.local? as with support i
have for RealMedia and Quake etc...

please let me know if anymore info is required for help in resolving this

with much thanks


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