Asante 10/100 PCI card

Asante 10/100 PCI card

Post by Glenn Fau » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to get the tulip driver to work with this card?
It uses a DEC21140 chip.  I've tried the tulip driver in all possible
configurations but the thing seems to be weird and fails at bootup.

Please reply via email.  Would not mind hearing from those who have
experience with this card under linux, good or bad.


1. cannot get Asante FAST 10/100 PCI card to work in Starmax 4000/200 LINUXPPC 2000

I am stuck on this one.  Based on my internet spelunking, this card needs
the DEC tulip driver compiled into the kernel.  Apparently, my distribution
(linuxppc 2000) has it, therefore I have not recompiled the kernel.
However, the NIC refuses to respond.  Interestingly, the led to indicate
there is a link does not come on on either the card or the switch to which
it is connected.  The cable and switch port were tested with another machine
and are fine.  I tried all of the PCI slots with the same result.  The
Asante card worked fine when the Mac O/S was installed.

Here is what I get when I boot:

the usual boot stuff . . .
The PCI BIOS has not enabled the device at 0/120! Updating PCI command

eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip rev 32 at 0x400, 00:00:94:79:BB:C7, IRQ25
eth0: old format EEPROM on 'Asante' board using substitute media control
Bringing up interface eth0 Determining IP information for eth0. . .Operation

I tried swapping the card with nics from some of my other machines, they did
even worse - system could not "fetch" information.  At least with the
Asante, when you type 'ifconfig eth0' it acknowledges that the card exists,
and tells you the hardware address.

HELP! - I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to configure this
machine, not to mention a not so enormous amount of money on both the
machine itself and memory upgrades.  My intention is to make this system my
samba server for my network, for both file and printer sharing, as well as a
general purpose linux system so there will be one for the kids to have at
home.  (All children above the age of 10 should be familiar with piping
stdout to grep, dontchathink?).  Obviously, without a functioning network
card, my grandiose plans will not work.

Alternatively, if someone could recommend a NIC that will work out of the
box, I would consider that solution too.


Robert Herbin

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