Linking Linux to Aix via PPP???

Linking Linux to Aix via PPP???

Post by Wilson Massashiro Yonezaw » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00


  Please, show me where I can find refs. about
  How to link Linux to Aix using PPP.

  I now how to link Linux to Linux, but Aix is a mystery
  I'm using Linux 1.2.1 and IBM Aix v. 4.  My  modems are
 US Robotics 28.800 sporster.

  I use the command write below to connect always the link goes down in
both line sides. (changing ATA by ATD). This works wonderfully when a
work with Linux in both sides. Now
a need to replace one side by  IBM Power PC running Aix. I' don't
what kind of command to use in Aix to reach the same system's behaviour.
I accept suggestions.

  /usr/lib/ppp/pppd connect '/usr/lib/ppp/chat -v -t 240 "" ATH0 OK ATZ
ECT ""' -detach /dev/cua0 38400 crtscts modem defaultroute proxyarp

  Thanks in advance.



1. Routing for a ppp client via another ppp link - possible?


        I currently have my linux box networked using a ppp link to another
Linux box which is networked via an Ethernet card. I want to make 2 other
computers (one pc running Linux and one Mac using MacTCP+MacPPP) networked,
but I only have one phone line to spare. Is it possible in any way to make
my machine act as a ppp server, and then somehow route all traffic using my
ppp link? I know it sounds complicated, but this is how I have everything
setup now:

-       My machine (Enigma) uses a modem (/dev/cua1) and interface ppp0 to
        connect to the ppp server (Opossum) (/dev/cua1 <--> ppp0)

-       The Mac (Lilac) uses the serial line of Enigma (/dev/cua0) to
        establish the ppp link ppp1 (/dev/cua0 <--> ppp1)

-       Lilac can talk to Enigma (telnet/ftp) and I can ping Lilac from
        Enigma, but Lilac is invisible to the rest of the world.

        How would I go about seting up the routing table to that all traffic
to/from ppp1 is routed through ppp0. Do I have to use routed/gated? And if
so, I would like some help setting them up because I have never used them

        Any help would be appreciated. Please send your replies to


        Rajib Rashid
        University of Rochester

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