Cannot use DIP as user.

Cannot use DIP as user.

Post by John Harri » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am using dip-3.3.7o and kernel 2.0.28.  Because I am running mgetty,
all my communications have to be set for /dev/ttyS1.  Also, all my lock
files are placed in /var/lock.

DIP works fine from the root account.  From a user account, I bring up
DIP from the command line; however, the 'port ttyS1' command gives rise
to an error message something similar to this:

dip: tty: cannot open ttyS1 (permission denied RW).

In other words, users cannot use DIP because permissions on the device
file block therm.

The permission on ttyS1 are:

crw-rw----     uucp    uucp    4,   65    Mar 28   11:18   /dev/ttyS1

I cannot solve the problem by making this file world readable and
writeable, even if doing so were the proper solution, because mgetty
automatically changes the permissions back to the above (unless I wish
to recompile mgetty).

I have /usr/sbin/dip set as follows:

-rwsrwxr-x    uucp    uucp      32485   Mar 28 10     /usr/sbin/dip*

Note that it is setuid

I used to have the same problem with /usr/local/bin/kermit/kermit until
I setuid and changed the ownership to uucp; now I can use Kermit as a
user and the ttyS1 device file is accessed.

I have tried to find information in DIP's source files which would lead
to the solution, but have been unable to do so.

Does someone know what has to be changed to allow user access to DIP.