ipfwadm and socks

ipfwadm and socks

Post by Charles W. Powel » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

> First time installing a firewall ... those who have put up with my questions -- the end is coming near. No not really ;).
> So here's another basic question:
>         if I use ipfwadm, do i still need to use socks? If someone could answer this question as quickly as possible (by email?), it would help me out A LOT. I looked at the firewall howto and it doesn't have any info about ipfwadm. Thanks ;)

> Zaki Alam

No.  Easy enough?

Check out http://hwy401.com/achau/ipmasq/


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1. SOCKS with ipfwadm

I've managed to get Linux up and running as a firewall with a bunch of
Win95 pcs behind it running fine, but we have some applications on the
Win95 pc's that need SOCKS access to servers outside the firewall.
Does anyone out there know how to configure linux/firewall to allow for
this type of access?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Dave T  

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