Silicom Pocket LAN Adapter for Parallel Port

Silicom Pocket LAN Adapter for Parallel Port

Post by Butc » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 22:46:36

Hi All,

Does anyone know if Silicom's Pocket LAN Adapter (SET+) works with Linux
networking?  The FAQ didn't mention anything about Silicom, and I was
wondering whether or not to consider it along with the D-Link adapter.



1. Pocket Lan Adapter for Parallel Port

  I want to connect my Laptop to Ethernet lan but my laptop does not
have PCMCIA so I need an Adapter for the parallel port.

Does anyone know which adapters beside the At-Lan-Tec or RealTec are
supported by Linux.
And the other Question where can I purchase these Adapters?
( A supplier in Germany would be great)

Can anyone help me

           Patrice Gawenda

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