Totally confused by pppd (newbie questions)

Totally confused by pppd (newbie questions)

Post by Jerem » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00


    I have just recently (in the last week) began using MKlinux DR3 on a
PowerMac. After finding out that removable drives aren't optimal for
running Linux (too many recovered errors messages) I have everything up
and running. The next step is getting on line. I can configure KPPP in
KDE Xwindows and it will dial up and start to connect just fine, sending
my login and password, but it ALWAYS times out and says there's a pppd
error. Now I have no idea how to configure pppd (and don't know where to
start). I'm using a standard internet provider, as in FreePPP and Open
Transport/PPP will connect just fine under the Mac OS without any
special settings. Is there a simple file I can download at put somewhere
that will get me connected? I have no clue how to edit the pppd file,
and all the examples I ever see are from people at universities that use
special non-standard settings.

    Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated :-)


p.s. please email me your reply if possible

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1. Newbie: totally confused with multiple partiton prob

Hi group,
I am very new to Linux (haven't even used it yet!) but am not a total
technical failure. I have just bought the SuSe 6.4 boxset and tried to
install a dual boot system so I could run Windows 2000 and Linux. I failed
and managed to wipe out all my partitions apart from the C:\ drive (Windows

This was my system before Linux (I used partition magic to get everything
prepared before running YAST 2):

IDE Hard Drive 20GB (IBM UDMA)

[ primary partiton C:\ - Windows 2000 - 3.5GB FAT32 ]
[ primary partition D:\ - was going to be used for the Linux /boot - 8MB
FAT ] - inside the 1024 cylinder mark
[ primary partition - exteneded logical container 16.5GB ]
[ logical partition E:\ - was going to be used for Linux swap -130MB FAT ]
[ logical partition F:\ - was going to be used for Linux / - 3GB FAT32 ]
[ logical partition G:\ - 250MB FAT ]
[ logical partition H:\ - 250MB FAT ]
[ logical partition I:\ - 3.4GB FAT32 ]
[ logical partition J:\ - 4GB FAT32 ]
[ logical partition K:\ - 5GB FAT32 ]

My plan was to use YAST 2 to install Linux - with an 8MB /boot partition, a
130MB swap partition and then 3GB for /

I would then use Boot Magic (comes with partition magic) so I could choose
to use Win2K or SuSE Linux at boot time.

I got to the "preparing Hard Disk - Step1" section in YAST and selected
"custom partitioning - for experts" so I could tell it where to put the
mount points i.e. which partition should be used for swap, which for boot
etc. After that I clicked Next - al ok so far.

Once I thought everythign was right I clicked next to start install and then
it all just went wrong - flashed up a load of "insufficient disk space while
copying" type errors and then aborted. I rebooted into Windows to find all
my logical partitions had gone and only primary C:\ and the 8MB /boot
partitions were left  :o(

What did I do wrong and how can I get Linux to work with my setup? I'm
trying believe me I am....

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