Telnet and FTP

Telnet and FTP

Post by Computer Gur » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I've been using Linux (RH5.1) for about 3 months now, and just hooked my
box to a T1..I have 2 questions:
How can I use my arrow keys in a telnet session? I have to edit my
files, and I cant!!!I'm stuck!
Second, I have this odd problem..I can only ftp as anonymous..I can't
ftp as anyone else. (I set up 3 dummy users). Do I change ftpaccess?
ftpusers? I ufollowed Linux Unleashed to the letter and I still have
only anonymous access, which is useless. Anyone know what I'm doing
wrong? more ques....has anyone ever used X_Win Pro? I'm trying to
configure it for an X Window session and I get just the gray screen. Is
it because my X-Window session is dead?(I can't startx at my
didn't detect the mouse!!) Oy vey!
Computer Guru?

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For somereason my ftp and telnet daemons are responding extremely slow.  We don't exactly know whats going on down here.  And all of a sudden a bunch of in.ftpd and in.telnetd and in.indentd processes are popping in the ps ax all the time.  I kill them off but they keep coming back.  We unplugged the linux box from the network and it stopped.   hmmm.

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