smail compiling problems

smail compiling problems

Post by Jonathan McDona » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a problem compiling smail. I've followed the Install file
but to no avail. I would be grateful if anybody out there would shine
a light on where I'm going wrong. I'm pretty much new to Linux so
help would be appricated.  
       I have edited the EDITME file in /conf to suite. If you look at
the output when it tries to enter into the necessary subdirectories it
gives me a '--wk' option error. I have looked and looked and cannot
find any entry in the files containing this '--wk' option error.

I'm using Slackware 3.0 (ELF release) Kernel 1.2.13

Diectory pathname /usr/src/smail-

# make -k depend 2>&1 |tee mkdep.out

SHELL=/bin/sh ROOT=. /bin/sh ./conf/lib/
Save copy of, defs.h and defs.sed ...
/bin/sh ./conf/lib/
Read ${ROOT}/conf/EDITME ... Testing: $ROOT//Makefile install will use
conf/os/linux ... conf/arch/32bit ... done
Build $ROOT// ... defs.h ... defs.sed ... done.
saved files are identical, restored
/bin/sh ./conf/lib/ Makefile
. ./; echo "$DEFS_DEPEND" >> Makefile
chmod -w Makefile
Make dependencies under conf ...
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/smail-'
Make dependencies under conf/arch ...
make: unrecognized option `--wk'
Usage: make [options] [target] ...
  -b, -m                      Ignored for compatibility.
                              Change to DIRECTORY before doing
  -d, --debug                 Print lots of debugging information.
  -e, --environment-overrides
                              Environment variables override
  -f FILE, --file=FILE, --makefile=FILE
                              Read FILE as a makefile.
  -h, --help                  Print this message and exit.
  -i, --ignore-errors         Ignore errors from commands.
  -I DIRECTORY, --include-dir=DIRECTORY
                              Search DIRECTORY for included makefiles.
  -j [N], --jobs[=N]          Allow N jobs at once; infinite jobs with
no arg.
  -k, --keep-going            Keep going when some targets can't be
  -l [N], --load-average[=N], --max-load[=N]
                              Don't start multiple jobs unless load is
below N.
  -n, --just-print, --dry-run, --recon
                              Don't actually run any commands; just
print them.
  -o FILE, --old-file=FILE, --assume-old=FILE
                              Consider FILE to be very old and don't
remake it.
  -p, --print-data-base       Print make's internal database.
  -q, --question              Run no commands; exit status says if up
to date.
  -r, --no-builtin-rules      Disable the built-in implicit rules.
  -s, --silent, --quiet       Don't echo commands.
  -S, --no-keep-going, --stop
                              Turns off -k.
  -t, --touch                 Touch targets instead of remaking them.
  -v, --version               Print the version number of make and
  -w, --print-directory       Print the current directory.
  --no-print-directory        Turn off -w, even if it was turned on
  -W FILE, --what-if=FILE, --new-file=FILE, --assume-new=FILE
                              Consider FILE to be infinitely new.
  --warn-undefined-variables  Warn when an undefined variable is
Make dependencies under conf/driver ...
make: unrecognized option `--wk'
Usage: make [options] [target] ...

etc etc

Thanks in advance


1. Help smail/smail+term problems


I have upgraded my smail to smail+term from termify0.3
I have the two unrelated problems
1. when an non super user mail the mail is not delivered and
    when using the -v option
   I get the following message.

   creat_spool failed!

   smail worked prior to the change, smail works fine locally for root.
   it looks like a permission problems, I have check the files, and they look
   OK. Any ideas how to debug or fix it.

2. mail dose not go outside the local machine.
   when I type:

   I get the following.
Subject: test
Null message body; hope that's ok
new spool file is /var/spool/smail/input/0rD5n1-0002EuC
|            from: root
|         program: send-mail
|            size: 99 bytes

transport termsmtp uses driver tcpsmtp
transport termsmtp: connect to host localhost []/2025...transport
termsmtp: connect: Connection refused

Connection refused

I have added the following entry to /etc/services, and it did not help either.
termsmpt        2025/tcp        mail

Any help will be appreciated

NAME   Oz Dror, Los Angeles, California    <<SCO UNIX since  3/90>>

PHONE  (213) 874-7978  Fax (213) 874-7965

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