Regarding High Availablity Server

Regarding High Availablity Server

Post by mahe » Thu, 11 Apr 2002 20:20:47


I have two Linux server PCs , which would act as primary and secondary
servers.Both should recieve all the transactions.If one fails the
other should take over and when primary is up secondary should
relenquish its control.

Right now I have one intermediate machine that acts as firewall
and also gateway for these two servers.The firewall machine has
two ethernet cards, one connected to rest of network and other to
the two servers by means of hub.

Basically the servers will be having mailservers(sendmail) installed
and configured in them.Whatever mail is sent to or recieved should
be updated in both the servers, so that if one fails still there is
backup to take care.

So this is my problem.i request u to suggest solution for this.Both
primary and secondary servers use SCSI hard disks.

Can u suggest me what kind of High Availablity server
 can i  use.
If it is available, what are the steps i should follow.
I am using RedHat 7.2 Server.

I am novice in this field.So please excuse if I have used some terms

-Thanks again



1. High availablity web server software from PolyServe!

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