Linksys eg1032 gigabit network adapter and red hat professional workstation

Linksys eg1032 gigabit network adapter and red hat professional workstation

Post by Chad » Sat, 19 Mar 2005 08:47:51


Is anyone using a Linksys 10/100/1000 nic card with Red Hat Professional

I just installed the card and the finding new hardware found nothing.

What driver sould I use or what is the trick to find and configure this

We have talked to upgrade this macine to Fedora core 2, and am sure there is
support for this in that, but right now this is a critical machine and we
are not able to bring it down all that often.  But that might be a last



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I tried a Linksys 10/100/1000  eg1032 gigabit network adapter in a Red Hat
Professional Workstation that has been patched to the most current Kernal
that Red Hat supports for it.

This was / is the purchased workstation from Red Hat a year or two ago I am
On boot up it did not detect the NIC.
I am looking to buy a new card. Any sure things to go out and buy that can
be just plugged in and found?

Not sure if we (our company) will buy a new version of the Red Hat
Workstation Package to upgrade our machine. Though I still do not see any
Linksys support for gigabit adapters.

I am looking at Intel.

 Anyone else having any luck with any brands of gigabit NIC cards in the
same Red Hat platform I am running? If so what ones?



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