How do I get 'routed' and 'gated' (source code)?

How do I get 'routed' and 'gated' (source code)?

Post by Andreas J. Schmi » Sat, 21 Nov 1998 04:00:00

How do I get 'routed' and 'gated' (source code)?
Can I download it from somewhere in the Internet?
At the moment, I have the source text of the
Linux kernel only.
Thanks! (Andreas Schmid)

1. TERM-compiled 'routed' or 'gated'

Has anyone out there attempted to compile the routing daemon(s) with term
support? (i.e. routed or gated, or whatever..)  Seems that if that was
possible, then all these other questions about term support for various
applications would be moot - just recompile the routing software to use
term for you.

Any ideas?
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