FDDI <--> Fast Ethernet Linux bridge: anybody done it???

FDDI <--> Fast Ethernet Linux bridge: anybody done it???

Post by Greg Cunningha » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00

My employer has a significant investment in FDDI technology that won't be
replaced just yet because of cost.  We have just installet a HP ProCurve
4000 rack unit to give users 100 mbps full-duplex to the desktop but we can
only pipe into the legacy backbone at 10 mbps via DEC PESwitch 900TX.

A cost-effective 100 mbps layer 2 pipe onto the ring would breath new life
into the old-timer.

I remember reading that linux kernel could be built as a ethernet bridge.
Have also seen that the DEC DEFPA FDDI card is supported in Linux.

Hmmm...   Has anybody got daring & unpacked the enthernet frame into a FDDI
one, or willing to give some wise HOWTO pointers?



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Suse 7.2 on i86
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