missing commands

missing commands

Post by Coope » Sat, 23 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Is there any particular reason that nslookup, traceroute, and man would not
be set up on my machine?  I ran into problems during the install where you
tell Debian 2.2 where to find updates for packages, but otherwise Linux
loads just fine.  I thought maybe I just wouldn't be able to add packages
<which was fine on this machine because I just wanted to use it as a proxy>.


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1. Last one... bash & missing commands

This is the fourth and last in my series of dopey questions.

I just installed SlackWare 96 (full 300mb+  install) and some of my
basic commands don't exist. Like "lpr", this one doesn't exist. Does it
only exist if my /etc/printcap exists? Bash has done some other odd
things too, like reporting the "dir" command doesn't exist... after I
just changed to a different directory. Do I need some kind of PATH
statement to get simple-basic-wouldn't-be-lunix-without-these commands?



PS... Can I get updated CDs from slackware without giving them money
again... or do I have to ftp for hours???

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