IP Masq & Diald won't hang up modem

IP Masq & Diald won't hang up modem

Post by Scott W. Peters » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00

1.  When I do a ping to my ISP from my Linux box, diald makes the
connection and a few seconds later I have good ping results.  I stop
the pining and evantually diald hangs up like it should.

2.  When I do a ping from my Win95, diald makes the connection and I
will get ping results.  My problem is diald won't hang up the
connection even though I have no packets going out to the internet.
At least I don't think I do.

Anyone know what my problem is?

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address.  I have to do this because of the SPAMers.

Scott W. Petersen - N9SLA
Elgin, IL USA


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I've got a problem with combining diald and ip_masq. Seperately both programs
work like a charm, but the combination poses me with one problem;

The dynamic link (PPP in my case) won't be brought up by diald when a packet
from one of the computers on the local Ethernet is directed at the rest of
the Internet. It seems as if ip_masq knows there is no link and doesn't even
try to send the packet and therefore diald doesn't get a chance to notice
it should bring up the link.

How can I get diald and ip_masq to cooperate correctly?

Thanks, Vincent.
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