Need some expert advice with iptables port 25 (rate limiting) or using tcp_wrappers

Need some expert advice with iptables port 25 (rate limiting) or using tcp_wrappers

Post by Linux_User0 » Tue, 18 Jan 2011 09:27:16

I have 2 email servers both running RHEL5 Linux, the main ISP server
has less than 5,500 accounts on it.
The other virtual domain server has about 500 accounts both run

I have problems with rouge overseas traffic hitting the email servers,
I have written some iptables rules to block overseas traffic to port

However the problem is I do not know how to rate limit port 25 due to
the fact Smart_Phones such as iPhone/Android/BlackBerry connect via
port 25 as well. There are 2 Barracuda 800(s) that sit in front as
MX(s), what has happened in the past is I have found some malicious
IP ranges or they can be stateside spamming, so I block them in the
Barracuda(s). When this is done they normally turn around and launch
denial of service attack against the email server on port 25 or port
110 by bombarding it with thousands of request or bogus user_name/
combo's to disrupt service.

Does anyone have any ideas about using iptables and rate limiting
connections to port 25 without impacting Smart_Phones that connect or
the Barracuda(s).

I was thinking I could have separate rules for the Barracuda(s) to
port 25, however this would mean that Smat_phones would fall into this

Someone mentioned tcp_wrappers, I want to keep the port(s) 110/25
facing the outside world from being bombarded by a Malicious denial
service attack.

Any help or ideas would be great.


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