Internet connection sharing

Internet connection sharing

Post by torna » Tue, 14 Oct 2003 22:25:32

Hello all,

I am facing a problem here. I have RH 8.0 box on a our LAN which i m
using to connect to the internet. I am unable to share this connection
with the LAN. Can anyone point why this is happenin ??
I can connect to the net from RH 8.0 but i am unable to connect from
the LAN.
When i ping the ip for e.g which is RH 8.0 box configured
as a gateway from internal LAN it pings.

Any solutions ??

Thanks in advance.


Internet connection sharing

Post by Shadow_ » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:05:51

Quote:> I am unable to share this connection with the LAN.

You might want to check out NAT / Masquerading.  ICS is a M$ thing. aka

All you need to do for the win boxes is to set the default gateway to the
IP of the router/gateway.  And of course setup the DNS ips, which could be
the same IP, if you have BIND or DNSMASQ setup for it on the RH box.

C:\> route PRINT
(will show you what it's currently set to in windows.)
There's also "ipconfig /ALL" and/or "winipcfg".

# route -n
# netstat -r
(for linux of course)

Making sure that the appropriate interface is setup with ifconfig, or
iwconfig if you're wireless.



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Basically, tell your Linux box the IP address of a DNS server, and that it
should use the IP address of the Windows machine as its gateway.  What about
showing us the output of your /sbin/ifconfig and /sbin/route -n commands on
your Linux box.

See ya

Dean Thompson


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