Setting up firewall on 2 interface within same subnet?

Setting up firewall on 2 interface within same subnet?

Post by Trunk » Sat, 21 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a few things to clarify on configuring firewall on the same

I have 2 interface on this Linux-Box. Which I am trying to configure
the same interface
on the same subnet. Is it possible? Do i need to segment them on 2
diff subnet? pls
explain if there is no possibilities to install a firewall with 2
interfaces on the
same subnet(shown below).

                 |[interface 1:]
                 |[interface 2:]
         [client] {}



1. Linking two subnets within the same Class C subnet

Hello there!

I have this slight problem of connecting two separate subnets belonging
to the same Class C subnet -- one belonging to the main subnet (with
subnet mask and the other belonging to a smaller subnet
(mask -- X.Y.Z.128)

Here's what I plan to do -- connect the subnet (X.Y.Z.128, Mask to the main subnetwork using Linux as the
bridge/proxy-arp server. The scenario becomes better -- only one card
can be put into promiscuous mode but overruns (3c900). Bridging,
therefore, is not an option. Proxy-arp would suffice. How do I go about
this if the other NIC does not have a HWAddr (you'll wonder why -- it's
a virtual Ethernet card)?


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