supply password to fetchmail on commandline

supply password to fetchmail on commandline

Post by peter pils » Fri, 30 Nov 2001 20:50:55

I've loads of users stored in a database and each has a few
pop/imap-accounts somewhere in the world and I would like to fetch them all
and deliver them locally. Instead of reinventing the wheel I'd like to use
fetchmail to do so. Unfortunately fetchmail requires the password written
in a configfile or entered interactively. Both is not suitable to me, cause
all data is stored in a database and should be processes noninteractively.

any idea ?

peter pilsl


1. Just test password from commandline.....


I want to test a user's password from the commandline, nothing interactive,
just something like:

I use blowfish for password encryption and shadow passwords. I actually
want to use this from a cgi-script to test authentication.

Does anyone know of such utility?

Y. Dobon

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