/proc/net/snmp and SNMP MIB

/proc/net/snmp and SNMP MIB

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We have several Red Hat 5.1 servers in our server pool.  On some of the servers, an snmp query on .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib-2.tcp.tcpOutSegs.0 will give me a number greater than zero.  On others it will give me exactly zero.  Now, on those that give me zero, I can display /proc/net/snmp and the field for Tcp: OutSegs is greater than zero.  Should there be a correllation between the snmp query and the same field in /proc/net/snmp?  If so, why does that not exist on this machine, or better yet, how can I make it exist?  On the boxes that return a number greater than zero for the snmp query, this number matches the one in the OutSegs field in /proc/net/snmp.

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