New Netscape Available

New Netscape Available

Post by David Bruc » Sat, 09 Oct 1999 04:00:00

So, Netscape 4.7 is out and available from Netscape as source and from
RedHat as an rpm.
My initial testing shows that Java seems to be fully functional.  I
guess only time will really tell that.
Anyway, get it here:

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1. ****New Netscape Available***

:     ****Notice, I have available Netscape 2 (the latest) for Linux available
: for download.  These are pre-compiled binaries, hence all you have to do
: is read the intructions, and install in the correct directories.  To download
: the latest version, goto  "" and look under Soft-
: ware.  Enjoy.

why would we get it from you when we can download known virus-free version
from netscape themselves?

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