Conecting a Win 95 machine and a Linux Box

1. Conecting a Win 95 machine to a Linux Box

I am currently new to the linux world, and I have Red Hat Linux 5.0 that I
have installed. I am currently having some problems with hooking both the
Win 95 machine and the Linux Box together. I have set up the correct items
like, Ethernet card, D.Name, P.NameServer, etc. My problem starts when I am
setting up the Win 95 machine to log on to the Linux machine. I have set
Win  95 to Log in to a Win NT domain (NT Domain: WORKGROUP), Logon and
restore net connections, Specified an IP Address, and DNS to the Primary
NameServer on the Linux Box and name of the network.

Once I try to log in from the Win 95 Machine, I get an error that tells me
there is no DNS server to check the password and or log in. What am I doing
wrong? The system only consists of 2 machines, Linux and a Win 95 machine.
I am going to set up Linux to be a shared resource for files, modem,
printer, and other items, but I have not been able to get rid of this

Please help a beginner, I am going out of my gord... Thanks for the help in

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