Explanation needed of undocumented behavior of Ugate router

Explanation needed of undocumented behavior of Ugate router

Post by Larry Alkof » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 08:16:22

I have a Ugate router and it is connected to a mix of Linux Mandrake 8.0 and
Window 98 machines.

The default IP of the router is (it can be changed).
Both the manual and Maxgate support insist that the router will
only NAT addresses in the range 192.168.0/24.

However, the big surprise is I changed my local lan address
to 192.168.1.x keeping the router gateway IP the same.
I can still connect to the Internet in the same way!!!

My guess is that the software mangles the last byte only
and just saves and restores the other 3.

This makes the router much more useful for the situation
where a Linux machine acts as a gateway computer with two nics.
It has to talk to the router on segment 0 but the Ugate router
will apparently happily NAT addresses routed to it (using route)
in the 192.168.1/24 range.

Maxgate support says they can't understand why this works!

Would you knowledgeable people comment on whether this is working
as I think.  Should I continue with it?  I know I could just do NAT in the
Linux box but I have already found out when the Linux box goes down
the network is still accessable when I just connect direct to the Ugate

Larry Alkoff N2LA

Larry Alkoff N2LA
My address is:  larryalk is_at mindspring dot com


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