problems with SOCKS5 server

problems with SOCKS5 server

Post by Nelson Vieir » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Socks5 keeps periodically producing the following message over and over
again in /var/log/messages

Mar  7 15:58:05 venom Socks5[1436]: Socks5 starting at Tue Mar  7 15:58:04
2000 in normal mode
Mar  7 15:58:05 venom Socks5[1436]: Bind failed for Bad file
Mar  7 15:58:05 venom Socks5[1436]: Accept: Failed to make listening socket

Any ideas why its trying to bind to



- "PGP encryption encouraged and used."


1. socks5 proxy server (auth failed)

I run  "socks5 -s -d -p -n 12"

I set Netscape to use socks in the prefs, but when I try to go to a web
page, netscape reportes a tcp error (broken pipe) and the following
prints out on the socks console:

10576: Accept: Releasing semaphore/mutex
10576: Route: dst on the same subnet
10576: Checking Authentication
10576: Check: Checking port range   (0 <= 2240 <= 65535)?
10576: Auth: Line 4: Matched
10576: Proxy: Received request with incompatible version number: 4
10576: Auth Failed: ([my ip address]:2240)
10576: Proxy: done cleaning up
10576: Accept: Done with connection...
10576: Accept: Acquiring mutex/semaphore
10576: Accept: Waiting on accept or a signal

My /etc/socks5.conf file is set to auth - - - and permit - - - - - -
because I'm trying to run a public proxy server that anyone can use (to
bipass censorware, etc.).

Any ideas why this isn't working?


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