INNd: restricting feeds w/ no path header

INNd: restricting feeds w/ no path header

Post by Dan Smit » Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:38:19

I am getting a feed from a news server that (for some reason) does not
correctly pass the Path: header.  When it ends up on my machine, only
my hop is in the path.  Because of this, INNd thinks it originiated at
my machine and tries to feed out (despite the use of H1 or H0 in the
newsfeed definition).

Can anyone help??



1. innd feeds news articles

hi all,

I want to feed some news from my ISP news server to my innd server.
I can post an article to my innd by using netscape, but

when i do ihave I got:

NNTPERROR: 480 Transfer permission denied
Article rejected: Transfer permission denied

Any step by step guide?


I use the following perl script to feed news
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use News::NNTPClient;
use strict;

$main::target='';    #my local innd server
$main::source='';    #my isp news server

main: {
  my (  $s,     #source nntp object
        $t,     #target nntp object

        $first, $last,
        $lfirst, $llast,        #local first and last

  $s=new News::NNTPClient($main::source, $main::port);
  $t=new News::NNTPClient($main::target, $main::port);
  #check all groups in feedgroups exist in both source and target server

  for ($i=0;$i<$#main::feedgroups+1;$i++) {
    #set source/target to group in feedgroups
    ($lfirst, $llast)=$t->group($main::feedgroups[$i]);

    if ($#ret == 1) {

      print "first = $first\t last = $last\n";
      for ($i=$last;$i>$first;$i--) {
        print "doing article $i\n";

          print "doing ihave $lfirst\n"; #should I follow the article
number in remote or in local?

          if ($retn) {
            print "Article $i transfered\n";
          else {
            print "Article rejected: ", $t->message, "\n";
        else {
          print "skipping $i\n";
    else {
      #get first-last or false
      if ($ret[0]) {
        #do split first and last

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