.htaccess don't work

.htaccess don't work

Post by David Efflan » Fri, 28 Apr 2000 04:00:00

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Quote:>Hi all,
><p>It works fine in /home/httpd/html/.htaccess.&nbsp; But .htaccess file
>in my /home/behapy/public_html does not work.&nbsp; How can I find the

The problem is that you probably neglected to set the Options or
AllowOverride in the main server conf files for whatever you are trying to
do in that directory tree. But you didn't explain what you are trying to
do, so I can only suggest that you read the docs for 'Options' and
'AllowOverride' directives.

If that does not clear up your questions, give us a clue what you are
trying to do in .htaccess that does not work.


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1. htaccess don't work, need help

  I'm running apache 1.3.9 with solaris 2.6 on an ultra 5.  My
apache "access.conf" looks like:

<Directory /opt/apache/htdocs/main>
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "Rescricted Area"
  AuthUserFile /opt/apache/.htpasswd
  AuthGroupFile /dev/null
  require valid-user

and this works fine.  But when I try to put a ".htaccess" in a
directory,  I never get a username and password box.  Any ideas?
My ".htaccess" looks like this:

<Files .htaccess>
  order allow,deny
  deny from all

AuthUserFile /opt/apache/htdocs/downloads/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "Restricted Stuff"
AuthType "Basic"

<Limit GET POST>
require valid-user

Is there a configuration in "httpd.conf" that I need to set in order to
get the ".htaccess" to work?  Thanks for the help in advance...

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