Help with ipac-1.10 - IP Accounting Software for Linux

Help with ipac-1.10 - IP Accounting Software for Linux

Post by Craig Jackso » Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:48:56

I have been using ipac-1.10 for months now, and it works great. I installed
it on my Linux masquerading router and am getting reliable dl/ul statistics
for each box
attached to the router via my hub.

But the only problem I have is that I can't get ipac-1.10 to generate stats
the router itself. I can surf from the router and get mail etc, so it does
generate usage.
The rules are specified in the /etc/ipac.conf file, and are ok for every box
except the
router itself. I know I am doing something wrong in the ipac.conf file, but
can't work out what!

Can someone help me?

My Linux masquerading router has two network cards ( attached to my
local network via a hub, and attached to my ADSL modem). An
excerpt of my ipac.conf file follows (the router is called "webserver" in
the description field):

all incoming|in|ppp0|all||
all outgoing|out|ppp0|all||
webserver incoming|out|ppp0|all||   <--- PROBLEM CHILD 1
webserver outgoing|in|ppp0|all||     <--- PROBLEM CHILD 2
win2k incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
win2k outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
ditasari incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
ditasari outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
laptop incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
laptop outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
felafel incoming|in|ppp0|all||
felafel outgoing|out|ppp0|all||

The router is a Pentium I / Redhat 7 box.

I have scoured the newsgroups, ipac doco and ipac website, but to no avail.
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Craig Jackson
Sydney Australia


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I have ipac installed but the dir  /proc/net/ip_acct dose not exist.

Soooo I went to Configure the Kernel for IP Accounting.

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Networking options  --->
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